College Mathematics Program

The higher mathematics program caters to advanced college and university students. It is useful for I.S.I. M.Math Entrance, GRE Math Subject Test, TIFR Ph.D. Entrance, I.I.T. JAM.

The program is problem driven. We work with candidates who have a deep love for mathematics. This program is also useful for adults continuing who wish to rediscover the world of mathematics.


College Mathematics Program at Cheenta has several modules. They are supplemented by elementary problem solving sessions in Number Theory, Combinatorics, Geometry and Algebra

Abstract Algebra

Groups, Rings, Fields, Sylow’s Theorem, Lagrange Theorem, Galois Theory, Isomorphism Theorems

Linear Algebra

Vector Spaces, Linear Transformations, Matrices, Eigen Values, Eigen vectors, Spectral Theory

Real Analysis

Sequences, Limit, Continuity, Uniform Continuity, Heine Borel Theorem, Convergence Tests 

Complex Analysis

Field of complex numbers, Geometric Interpretation, Cauchy Riemann Equation, Complex Integrals

Vector Calculus

Vector fields, Multivariable calculus, Tangent Spaces, Gradients and Jacobian, Green’s Theorem, Stoke’s Theorem.


Point Set Topology, Metric Spaces, Compactness, Connectedness, Completeness

Not a spectator sport.

Mathematicians of tomorrow need to ‘get their hands dirty’ today. Cheenta advanced program is a purely problem-driven experience. The lecture sessions are supplemented by weekly problem solving classes.


"a wide range of mathematical topics, and every lesson is packed with insights and methods. We are extremely pleased with the difference he has been making. Under his tutelage Sam has secured several gold awards from the UK Mathematics Trust (UKMT)..."

Jayanta Majumdar, Glasgow, UK

"approach towards solving a problem has become more mature now. Not that he can solve each and every problem but he loves to think on the tough concepts. For this, all credit goes to Ashani, who is never in a hurry to solve a problem quickly. Rather he tries to slowly build the foundation..”"

Shubhrangshu Das, Bangalore, India

"Our experience with Cheenta has been excellent.  Even though my son started in Middle School, they understood his Math level and took personalinterest in developing a long-term plan considering his strengths and weakness areas. Through out the semester courses they have nourished him with challenging problems and necessary homework.  His guidance has helped my son to perform well at competitions including USAJMO and others. He has grown more confident in his math abilities over the past year and halfand is hoping to do well in the future.  "

Murali Kadaveru, Virginia, USA

Admission Process

Admission to Cheenta Advanced Program is selective. The prospective candidate is inducted into a trial process (involving an interview and a short test).

Live Online Classes

This program has the live online option. The classes are usually interactive and are supplemented by a monthly assignment cum evaluation test.

At Calcutta Center

This program is also available at our Calcutta center. The offline contact classes are supplemented with the online option as well.

Useful Documents

Download the curriculum and booklist