Passion for Mathematical Science

Cheenta Team comprises of ex-Olympians and active researchers from leading universities in India and United States. 

Many faculty members were students of Cheenta. They joined Cheenta as faculty at some point in their illustrious academic career.

Outstanding Students

Brilliant young minds. From over 6 countries.

Our students (and alumni) from over 6 countries are the driving force of Cheenta. They are brilliant performers at school and college level contests. 

Anushka Agarwal

INMO 2018

Delhi, India

Ritam Nag

INMO 2018

Calcutta, India

Harish Manoharan

Informatics Olympiad 2018


Sriram Mungala

Informatics Olympiad 2018


Brilliant Faculty Members

Cheenta faculty members are themselves active researchers and ex-Olympians.

Presently our team has 21 faculty members, including Mathematicians, Computer Scientists, Physicists, and Chemists. They are engaged in learning and research at leading institutions in India and United States.

Responsive Support

Cheenta administrative team is aware of the delicacy of the student-teacher relationship

We use latest learning tools, available over multiple platforms. Our team is conversant with latex, python, technocratic management and learning management tools. 

At Calcutta Center

Cheenta has a laboratory, reading room cum library at our Calcutta center. We are constantly adding resources there. This includes innovative academic programs, learning tools, and skill development programs for underprivileged students.

Meet the teachers

Passion for Mathematical Science coupled with a love for teaching.

We are fortunate to have a small and close-knit team of outstanding teachers. They absolutely love the subject that they teach. Their energy is the driving force our pedagogical advenctures.

Ashani Dasgupta

Pursuing Ph.D. at University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Founding Faculty

Research Interest in Geometry Group Theory

Sauvik Mondal

Pursuing B.Math from I.S.I. Bangalore

Research Interest in Geometric Group Theory

Cheenta Alumni turned Faculty

Sourayan Banerjee

Pursuing Ph.D. from IISER Bhopal

Research Interest in Algebra

Cheenta Alumni turned Faculty

A. Sricharan

Pursuing B.Sc. Math from C.M.I. Chennai

Research Interest in Discrete Mathematics

Cheenta Alumni turned Faculty

Dr. Prabir Dasgupta

Ph.D. in Computer Science from IIT KGP, published numerous papers in IEEE.

Research Interest in cryptography.

Diganta Bhattacharya

Pursuing B.Stat from I.S.I. Calcutta. 

Bhaskar De

Pursuing B.Stat from I.S.I. Calcutta

Chakradhar Rangi

Pursuing Integrated MS in Physics from IISER Bhopal

Sudarshan Sharma

Pursuing integrated MS in Physics from IISER Bhopal.

Research Interest in Condensed Matter.

Souvik Mohanta

Pursuing B.Stat from I.S.I. Calcutta.

Subhajit Bhattacharya

Pursuing Ph.D. at TIFR. B.Math from I.S.I. B’lore. 

Research Interest in Probability Theory

Cheenta Alumni turned Faculty

Shalmali Bandyopadhyay

Pursuing Ph.D. at University of North Carolina. B.Sc. Math from C.M.I. Chennai. 

Research Interest: PDE

Cheenta Alumni turned Faculty

Writabrata Bhattacharya

Pursuing B.Sc. Math from C.M.I. Chennai

Cheenta Alumni turned Faculty

Arnab Barman Ray

Pursuing M.Sc. in Physics from IIT Kharagpur

Research Interest in Condensed Matter 

Cheenta Alumni turned Faculty

Archi Dey

Pursuing B.Stat from I.S.I. Calcutta

Riddhiman Saha

Pursuing B.Stat from I.S.I. Calcutta.

Swarnabja Bhowmick

Pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science from Rajabazar Science College. 

Cheenta Alumni turned Faculty

Kaurag Mukherjee

Pursuing M.Math from I.S.I. Bangalore.

B.Math from I.S.I Bangalore

Research Interest: Graph Theory

Richita Ghosh

Pursuing M.Sc. in Physics from Rajabazar Science College