Problem Garden

Mathematics is not a spectator sport. Neither is Physics, Computer Science or Chemistry. In this portal, we have gathered (and are adding) problems, discussions and challenges that you may try your hands on.

Math Olympiad

Problems and discussions from various math olympiads including RMO, INMO (India), USAMO, AMC (United States), BMC and more.

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Physics Olympiad

Problems from InPhO, KVPY, NSEP and other contests. 

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Informative Articles

Selected articles on books, learning methods, and scholarship opportunities.

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I.S.I. & C.M.I. Entrance

Problems and discussions from Test of Mathematics at 10+2 Level, previous year I.S.I. & C.M.I. Entrances.

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College Mathematics

Problems and discussions from TIFR, M.Math, Subject GRE, IIT JAM and more.

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